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Safety means keeping others and yourself free from danger or injury. Also means taking care bump or not to drop or rush into things. Additionally, it is a way to prevent accidents by being cautious with what you are doing.

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Aim of Knownsafety

Known Safety is a website that has been made to help people make better decisions regarding their Safety. 

The idea and all aspects of Known Safety.com including written content have been created by V.Pirapuram, who is passionate about the creation of this website and hopes it’s engaging, useful, and also a positive effect for all aged people who wanted to stay safe.

Children's safety

You may find some useful tips about kids safety on this website. Nowadays, most children are keen to use a smartphone and watch YouTube movies unsupervised. 

How safe are your children?

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Stay Secure and monitor your home from wherever you are with the latest Smart and Wireless home security systems.
Due to the well-advanced technology most of us enjoying fast and reliable wifi. Also, smartphone owned by almost every people in the world. It’s never been simpler to make your home safe and secure.

Social media guide for parents

Social media guide for parents This Social media guide for parents is packed with the essential tips to protect your child from social media. Social media networks have become more powerful and popular among young people

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Phishing Scam

Phishing Scam! Never be the victim of it

A phishing scam is a scam which involves tricking you into hand over your personal information. Fraudsters are always on the lookout for personal and financial information to make money themselves.

Avoid scammers

Protect yourself from scammers

Most people are getting scammed everyday. Unfortunately, the fast-growing technology also boosts scammers network to do all kind of tactics to scam people online.

How to Spot a Scam Email easily

A scam email is a common problem for every email users experience nowadays. Fraudsters are nowadays trying to trick people into getting hold of their personal information.

Night out

How can you make your Night out safe?

Wherever you go in the night, keep yourself safe from dangers is the most important. The following tips may help you to have an entertaining night out while out and about.

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Worried about Internet Safety? Read This First!

Internet safety is a very important factor when browsing online. The internet has significantly changed the way of our lifestyle. In this post, I am discussing the safety steps that need to be checked by online users before browsing.

online shopping

4 Most important precautions to take before doing online shopping

Most internet users prefer to take advantage of online shopping in order to spend more time with family and friends.