4 Most important precautions to take before doing online shopping

online shopping

Most internet users prefer to take advantage of online shopping in order to spend more time with family and friends. But some of them are always worried about entering their bank account details online.

So how can you make sure to safeguard your account details from hackers when doing online shopping?

In this post you can find some tips to make online purchases secure.

(1) Look for the padlock sign

Never ever buy anything from a website that doesn’t have at least the HTTPS in the website address.

Even if it does it doesn’t necessarily mean its a hundred percent secure but most web browsers like Google Chrome have a lock icon showing that it has verified the site as a secured connection.

Whenever make online purchase on the payment information screen always make sure a padlock sign is visible in the address bar. If not never proceed further.

(2) Avoid using Unsecured Public Wi-Fi

Don’t use public unsecured Wi-Fi Internet access to make online purchases. Your credentials could easily be seen by the hackers. They may be able to steal your important account and financial information.

It’s better to avoid online shopping until you were on home network or a familiar network that is encrypted.

(3) Use Credit Card not Debit card

If you have use a credit card for online purchases. Because using the credit card for online purchases gives you the benefit of buyer and fraud protection.

If you use a credit card your liability on fraudulent charges is capped at certain amount only as long as you report the fraud within given days.

(4) Update your Computer operating system

Microsoft releases periodic updates to fill the loop holes in the operating systems. Therefore it is very important to update your operating system and internet browser sftware are with the latest security fixes and patches.  Out-of-date software can leave some opportunity for unwelcome viewing or accessed by third parties.

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