Beware of ISP Tech support scam.

What is ISP Tech support scam?

ISP Tech support scam

ISP Tech support scam involves sending malware to displays a pop message. Users have been asked to call a given phone number for help

In this scam, fraudsters disguise them as your own Internet service provider’s technical support team. They contact you via phone or on the internet.

Internet fraudsters are always looking to discover new methods for Scamming online Users.

Most of the internet users were very well known about scammer’s tricks. Social media services like Facebook, Twitter, Viber, and WhatsApp helps to spread about new scam news as soon as it happens.  Thus fraudsters are compelled to find alternative ways to target their victims.

How this scam initiate?

Fraudsters generate a pop-up message while you are browsing online. Annoying  Pop-up interrupts your normal browsing session. This message appears to be genuine and looks to be originated from Your real Internet Service provider.

The pop-up displays a message stating that the ISP has detected a trojan horse virus or malware. Users have been asked to call a given phone number for Immediate help.

What will happen if you call them?

Fraudsters will trick you to press some command using your keyboard to enable remote access to your computer. After access has been granted they get hold of your files, photos and data.

How do fraudsters know the name of your Internet service provider?

  1. Fraudsters buy ad space at cheap price.
  2. Scammers place adverts which are associated with malware
  3. The malware in the advert diverts users to a particular website in the background when they are using the internet.
  4. The malware scan your computer invisibly and take a note of your IP address.
  5. From the IP address it can find your ISP company name.

How to keep your computer data safe from this type of scam?

  1. Upgrade your Windows operating system to the latest versions.  Windows 10 is more secure than older versions
  2. Enable automatic periodic windows to update on your computer system.
  3. Install an Antivirus software and perform full scan monthly
  4. If you get pop-up intermittently don’t click on it. Shutdown computer, restart and perform a full malware scan.
  5. Never allow your computer to be connected remotely.

What can you do if you fell for this ISP Scams?

Fraudsters may get your remote access permission by fooling you to install and activate remote program. Now they can control your computer remotely. This means you have been a victim of this scam.

Here are the step to get your computer under your control

  1. Immediately shut down your computer and disconnect it from internet by removing the cables.
  2. Restart computer without an internet connection
  3. Go to windows recovery option and select factory reset windows. If you have a backup needs to restore your files after factory reset
  4. System restore- You can do a system restore if you don’t have a backup
  5. Needs to change your password on every account you access via your computer.

What can you learn from this scam?

  1. Big companies like Virgin, BT, Sky never send pop-up Malware warning messages to Your Computer warning. They never waste their valuable time sending everyone a pop-up message. They always expect a call from customers if any problems.
  2. If you receive a call or email about install a program through a specific website never respond it.

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