Can children watch YouTube videos alone?


Can children watch YouTube videos alone? This is the question asked by many parents. You may find some useful tips about this on this post.

Children can amazingly find heaps of movies on YouTube. Unfortunately, there are a vast amount of unsuitable videos which they can come across too. Here are the three steps to protect kids from watching the inappropriate video. 

YouTube is such an excellent source, and It takes a higher degree of oversight, My daughter can discover pretty much whatever she desires anything. 

Children watch YouTube videos

Nonetheless, it’s that the”anything” part that is scary, isn’t it? As far as I attempt to maintain a close watch on what my child is watching,

What can you do to stop children from seeing inappropriate videos from youtube?

Here are my three hints and suggestions for kids’ safety when watching Youtube.

Learn about YouTube parental control


Install YouTube Kids App to control children to watch YouTube videos alone

YouTube Kids App is ideal for children ages 2 to eight, therefore not suitable for over eight years old. This mobile application should be your first option for young children. This is a free program for Android and iOS. Also provides a user-friendly experience plus a selection of parental controls, including the ability to disable the lookup function and also filter out keywords.

This fantastic application also comes with and a time limit function to restrict the session interval. Therefore you can relax with peace of mind while they are using this app. allowing your little ones navigate unattended. There is a reporting purpose,

Unfortunately, YouTube Kids is not readily available for notebook or desktop computers. 

YouTube’s Restricted Mode

You can also take advantage of YouTube’s restricted mode. The restricted mode can be found by scrolling towards the bottom of this YouTube page and then turn it via the menu. On your mobile phone can be accessible from accounts preferences and switch on Restricted Mode Filtering. 

Accompany them while watching Youtube

One of the best ways to make sure your children are not currently stumbling onto inappropriate video is to watch with them. This is a more straightforward and way to guard them against inappropriate videos.


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