Electrical safety tips for homes

Electrical safety tips for homes

In this post, you may find six Electrical safety tips for homes. Electrical safety is crucial for every person in the world.

Most of our everyday’s life depends on Electricity. We ignore many electrical issues in our homes.

All of us think as long as an electrical appliance working, it is fit for purpose and not severe. Ignoring electrical malfunction sign can be dangerous.

Electrical safety tips for homes

1. Risk of overloading

Most common electrical problems arise when overloading a circuit. Never plug a lot of appliances in one socket using an extension lead. For example, Electric kettle, Iron box and Electric hot plate take more power.

If you plug all these items in a single socket electric circuit overload and start to burn the socket, this may cause a fire hazard.

Rules to remember is Extension leads only offer extra sockets. Extension leads never provide additional power for each socket needs.

2. Keep away from water

Avoid touching socket or light switches with wet hands. Never charge your phone near the bath while you have a shower. The electrical socket should be fitted at a safe distance from a sink which is usually not less than 30cm horizontally.

3. Keep away from electric heaters

Curtain and clothes must be placed at a safe distance from electric radiators. Ignoring this may cause a fire.

4. If it gets hot sooner change it

Any electrical sockets or light switches which are getting hotter when in use needs attention. The hot outlet is a clear sign of overloading. Change it immediately.

5. Handle electrical fire with caution

Never extinguish an electrical fire using water. You can only use a baking soda or suitable dry fire extinguisher.

6. Use the recommended wattage

Every light fixtures have recommended wattage requirement usually labelled on the installation. If you exceed the recommended wattage, overheating problems may occur, which eventually can cause a fire.

4 thoughts on “Electrical safety tips for homes”

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  2. Your electrical safety tips are awesome. Sadly, I think we overloaded one of our sockets. Now we’re going to have an electrician come out and examine the damage.

    1. Thank you for your comment.
      Hope your electrical problem will be fixed without any hassle.

  3. I liked that you explained that circuits can be overloaded. That is good for me to know as a new homeowner. It might be smart for me to call an electrician to help me understand my circuit breaker.

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