Never Suffer From Identity Theft Again!

What is Identity Theft?

Strangers access your Personal information solely for the use of fraud, or other crimes are called Identity theft. This personal information can be your name, address, account number, driving licence number or passport number. 

What are the frauds can identity thief commit?

An identity thief can do Various frauds with your stolen information. These include 

 (1) Apply for a loan using your name

 (2) Apply for a credit card using your name

 (3) online shopping

 (4) Commit driving offences

 (5) commit any other crimes using your name.

How your data can be collected?

Take care when you bin your documents to stop identity theft

Thieves may be able to gather enough information from your household bins. Your name, home address, work address, account number, bank name and date of birth are handy information for an identity thief. This information can be easily obtained from your household bins. 

Beware of phishing email

Most of you received phishing emails from a fake financial company asking you to confirm specific details about you. Fraudsters use a link in this phishing email to get your data. Once you have clicked a link in this email and entered your data, your identity is at risk.

Take care of your belongings

Identity thieves can also steal your information by pickpocketing your purse and mobile phone. 

Nuisance calls

Fraudsters can make calls to your home pretending from your bank solely to obtain more information about you. 

How can you keep yourself safe from identity theft

As you can read from above Identity thieves are always find the number of ways to steal your personal information. But If you follow some tips, you can guard yourself. Stop being the victim of identity theft.

  1. Never mention your address, date of birth and phone numbers on social media accounts
  2. Always shred your financial documents or anything with your name, address, date of birth or account numbers.
  3. Avoid login your bank account using public wifi or at an internet cafe.
  4. Never respond to unsolicited request for your personal information. You may have someone calling you on the phone or sending you an email requesting personal details about you. It is essential to avoid these types of communication to give about your personal information.
  5. Always use a strong password to all of your online accounts.
  6. Protect your mobile phone with a pin no or password. So that if you lose your phone, your data is safe.

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