7 Simple ways to keep your Smartphone safe

why do we need to keep smartphone safe?

Smartphones carry your online identity and vast amounts of personal information. Because of these reasons keep your smartphone safe from hackers is the most needed task.

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Steps to keep your Smartphone safe

By following the 7 steps below you can keep your smartphone safe. your personal information will be safe forever.

(1) Avoid third-party apps

Always download apps from trusted sources such as Google Play and Apple store. Avoid unofficial third-party applications. Your phone may get more vulnerable to hacking activities if you download from untrustworthy sources.

(2) Use data encryption settings

The best way to secure your Android is to encrypt all the important apps with a strong password. This will help you to protect your smartphone safe from any unauthorized access, and all your data and privacy will be secured

(3) Always update your device software

Never ignore device firmware update and applications update. Android usually comes with some new features and will also fix the bugs that might be present in the previous versions. So if you don’t update your device, then hackers might be able to manipulate those bugs to perform malicious activities on your device.

(4) Avoid public Wi-Fi

Never use free Wi-Fi to enter personal information on any websites. Free Wi-Fi is only safe when reading news sites and watching you tubes.
Free Wi-Fi can make your personal information visible to hackers as this type of connection can easily bypass all securities.

(5) Delete browser history and cache

Make a habit of delete browser history and internet cache files. Catch files store the cookies that might be containing your personal login details, so better is to remove them regularly to keep your smartphone safe.

(6) Turn off Bluetooth

Turn off Bluetooth when you’re not using it. Your device can be easily hacked through Bluetooth so ensure your device is always off when you’re not using it.

(7) Use VPN to Keep your smartphone safe

You can make your browsing safer by using a VPN connection which helps you protect your privacy. This type of connectivity browsing encrypts all data you send and receive and a lot more amazing features to ensure you have a safe and secure browsing experience.

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