Five steps to make your computer safe for browsing

Making your computer safe is a high priority nowadays to protect files and prevent identity theft. Make your computer safe from hackers is straightforward if you could follow the five steps listed below

Computer Security

1) Update Operating System

Keep your operating system up to date. This means no matter what computer you are using. Update  Windows computers, an Apple computer or even a Linux system. It is very important to keep your system up to date because this provides patches, security fixes and also update security databases.

2) Activate Firewall

Always use a firewall. A firewall is a piece of software that is built into almost all operating systems. The purpose of the firewall is to block any IP addresses or networks that it does not feel are secure. Many operating systems such as on Windows the firewall is enabled by default. But you can adjust the security settings to strong or weak.

3) Use Antivirus and anti-malware

Spyware, Adware and Malware can access through back doors of your system and get information that you would never want anyone has hands-on. To prevent this always make sure to have good anti-virus and a good anti-malware, especially for those windows operating systems.

4) Use strong password

When it comes to actual accounts, passwords can be of incredibly high priority. Many people fail to use a stronger and secure password when it comes to their computers. Make sure you always use strong passwords on all of your computers. Use passwords that are hard to guess that have at least 14 digits worth of random numbers and letters or a password

5) Use a VPN

You can enhance your system security by using a virtual private network. This connection provides encrypted and secured data transmission. VPN connected computer users can browse the internet with complete anonymity.

This prevents websites tracking and location tracking. Many marketing companies gather your information and sell off what exactly you lookup

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