Mobile Banking? It’s safer If you do it smartly

Mobile banking is safer and convenient if you can do it smartly. If your daily lifestyle involves a lot of travelling and stays away from home, then mobile banking may be a convenient way to do. You can check your finance any time of day using mobile banking.

mobile banking

Most banks offer banking apps that enable you to handle your money using your smartphone. Some banks only allow mobile users to log to online banking using their website. The mobile banking can help to keep an eye on your finances while you are on the move.

However, is it safe to do mobile banking?

Would you want an antivirus for your smartphone?

Mobile phone viruses and are very likely to become dangerous and more. Antivirus software adds an excess degree of security if you’re planning to do banking on your smartphone.

Antivirus providers offer the most significant Safety bundles. Background activity is monitored by these in your smartphone to prevent viruses from compromising your banking information.

Does your bank provide an antivirus program?

Some banks currently offer antivirus program to eliminate the threat of fraud. The antivirus program is solely to provide an additional security level to guard you against any virus attack.

Does your bank create your mobile banking secure?

Most banking application never keeps your bank information on your smartphone. But can be accessible from a highly secured data centre. By doing so means your smartphone is unlikely to hold your bank details. In case your account is compromised through your mobile phone you can also be protected by banks with refunds. Make sure that your bank protects you from mobile banking fraud.

If you fall prey to mobile banking fraud, your bank will refund any losses you suffer. Many banks in the UK will compensate for any loss of money when you have taken reasonable care provided not misusing the service.

How can you reduce your chances of falling prey to fraud when you do mobile banking through your smartphone?

You can avoid falling victims to fraud by following the simple steps below:

  • Download official bank apps you can download from your android play store or iOS app store. These programs are free to use.
  • Download antivirus security applications that are freely given by the bank.
  • Establish to be secure. Utilize a PIN or password to lock your telephone when you are not using it.
  • Ensure that the browser of your phone does not save usernames or your passwords.
  • Always make sure to switch off the Bluetooth function whenever not needed.
  • Never log-in your bank using a public network.
  • Avoid jailbreaking or rooting your smartphone that will make your phone vulnerable to all sort of hacks.
  • Rooting your phone eliminates security features that designed to safeguard your mobile.
  • Beware of scammer attempting to make the most of from you by forcing you to disclose sensitive information.
  • Always remember banks will never request your passwords, PINs or log in details by email, text or telephone.

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