How can you make your Night out safe?

Night out

Make your night out pleasant and safe

Wherever you go in the night, keep yourself safe from dangers is the most important. The following tips may help you to have an entertaining night out while out and about.

night out

1. Have a night out with friends or known people

You could be vulnerable to attack or abuse when you are alone. It is wise to be alert about what is happening around you and keep yourself closer to your friends or people you may have known.

2. Arrange the return journey home.

Be prepared to spend a little extra to use a taxi to get home safely. It is advisable to accept a lift only with the known person you can trust.

3. Book a taxi after a night out

It is a good idea to book a taxi in advance. So that you don’t have to wait for it for a long time. Especially when there is no one is accompanying you.

4. Have a drink with the controllable limit

Drinking alcohol can be fun and make you relax. But stay in control. Avoid drinking over the limit, which can make you drunk. It saves you from lots of troubles.

5. Never leave your drink on the table unattended

Your drink can be spiked when you leave unattended. Be careful when you want to go to the toilet to finish your drink completely or ask your friend to look after your drink

6. Use well-lit roads

If you ever want to walk home alone after a night out, it is a good idea to stay in a well-lit area. Avoid dark roads and ally ways to get home. You are more likely to get mugged or robbed in dark streets, especially when you are walking alone.

7. Hide your valuable items from view

Most people have lost their valuable items during their night out. Never Showcase your expensive phone. It is the best idea to keep them hidden.

8. Stay away from the Dangerous zones

If there’s a fight broke out outside the pub leave the area immediately and get help never put yourself in danger.

9. Avoid Draining your phone battery

It is advisable to carry a portable charger in your handbag. You can use this to charge your phone in case of emergency if the phone battery fails.

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