Children’s Online activities – Do these to make it safe

Children's Online activities
Children's internet Activity

Majority of parents worried about their children’s online activities. Most children are very familiar with smart devices nowadays. Children have the opportunity to use mobile phones, tablets, laptops and game console almost every day.

These types of devices always needed internet access. By connecting to the internet, they can learn to study, watch YouTube, play games and doing homework. Although the internet is beneficial to gather information on children’s study and other types of entertainment, may pose a safety threat to children.

As a responsible parent,

what can you do to keep your children safe from their online activities?

Here are the most critical 8 rules to impose to make your children’s internet session is most secure and pleasant.

Rule-1: Get Permission

Children need to be told to get permission from parents before they start using computers for an online session. So parents are aware of what is happening. Children need to be encouraged to contact you if they feel threatened or bullied online that made them feel uncomfortable.

Rule-2: Never disclose personal information online

Educate children about the risks of contracting with strangers and never disclose personal information online. Remind them not to open any online login account on their own and fill out any online forms which require personal information.

Rule-3: Danger of Internet chat rooms- block them

Most dangerous online activities your kids can at present is chat rooms. Children need to know the dangers of internet chat rooms where a person who chats can lie about his or her true identity. Such as posting a fake profile picture. These are the place a paedophile can be disguised as a child. Because of this reason, it is better to block access to chat rooms.

Rule-4: Dangers of meeting an online friend

Children need to be taught about the dangers of meeting someone only know them as an online friend. Never agreed to meet anyone other than school friend or family friend. But in any case, parents need to know who, when and where they are attending.

Rule-5: Never let children use online activity alone in a room

Choose a location for a computer where you can easily monitor their online activities. Under any circumstances never let your children use a computer in a room without supervision.

Rule-6: Contact four ISP to make it safer for children

Contact your internet provider and ask them to block the adult website by turning on a child-safe feature. You can request them to block website which contains pornography, child abuse, violence, crime, hate, drug, hacking and suicide.  Additionally, you can log in into your internet account to turn on more security setting such as spam filter and privacy settings.

Rule-7: Monitor your child’s internet browsing history

As a parent, you need to check internet browser history so often to examine the websites your child have visited. Educate them about the dangers of unsafe websites.

Rule-8: Use Parental control setting

Use parental controls settings to take full control of your child’s internet activity. By using parental controls, you can limit downloading and uploading photos, Internet connection time, limit offensive language in emails. If you are using windows 10 you can use a family feature on account setting and add your child’s account.

Although these 8 rules which you have read above will make your children stay safe online at present, there more things to consider when it comes to your children’s safety.


In my opinion, As a responsible parent, We need to monitor their social networking platforms such as WhatsApp, Viber and Snapchat. Parents need to know their activities in these types of social media. Most children using these types of media communications to chat with their friends. As most children can access these media using their mobile phone, there is a risk of sending their photos or personal information through this media to unknown people.

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