Online chat room safety guide

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The online chat room has become popular among children. At the same time, chat rooms can be a risk to children’s safety.

Children spend most of their time online doing their homework, playing games, and socialising with a friend. As responsible parents, you need to safeguard your kids by monitoring their online activities 

In this post, You may find the risks of using online chatting room specifically affect the children.

What are the risks associated with online chat room?

1. Online predators

Online predators use chat rooms to seek child victims. They use a fake profile and pretend to be as young as a child to make friends with children. They always try to engage with conversation for their benefit. 

2. Sharing personal information

When children get familiar with the regular online chatting person, they tempted to share their personal information. this can lead to identity theft. Children need to be alert when anyone asks for their data.

3. Never Know the person on the other side

Children can be chatting to an adult pretending as a child of his age. 

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Online chat room safety tips

  • Always use a nickname in Chatrooms. Choose a nickname that is not similar to your real name. Try to choose a gender-free nickname. So it is hard to identify if you are male or female.
  • Never reveal your personal information in chatrooms. These can be your photo, full name, home address, date of birth, email address or phone numbers. 
  • Never reveal the school name and the places you usually hang out at the weekends.
  • Never agree to meet someone you only know in the chat room in person.
  • If you trust him, only arrange to meet him in a public place were full of people or accompanying your family or friends.
  • Never trust anyone in the chat room. They may be chatting to you for a long time. But you never know the person’s real age or name. You could be talking to a grown-up adult pretending as a child. 
  • Learn how to block unwanted or offensive people. If someone is rude, or using foul language, prevent them immediately.
  • If your regular chatting person makes you frighten or uncomfortable, never respond to his messages. 
  • Never choose to chat with the unwanted topic. It is a good idea to avoid the issue that makes you uneasy.
  • Only choose the chat room, which is popular or familiar with you. These types of chat rooms may monitor chat activity to protect you from harassment. 

Parents responsibility for children using online chatting room

  • Never leave your children unattended using online chatting in a room. 
  • Place your computer or laptop in a hall or sitting room where you can monitor them frequently.
  • Disable or remove the web camera when children using computers.
  • Educate your children about the dangers of sharing their photos to chat room.
  • Always monitor what your kids are doing online.

Checklist for Parents whose children using the online chatroom

  • Find out who they are chatting
  • What topic they are talking about
  • What Types of personal profile they have
  • What information they are sharing

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