Social media guide for parents

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Social media guide for parents

This Social media guide for parents is packed with the essential tips to protect your child from social media.

Social media networks have become more powerful and popular among young people. Children are getting access to social networking from a range of devices such as game consoles, smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Most children have become so addicted to social media these days. Because of this, they have hardly find time to do any outdoor activities.

Although social networking brings family and friends together, they possess a significant risk to children. Only a handful of risk arises when children using social networking sites.

Thus these risks may never face by most children. But children need to be taught how can they deal with the risk associated with social networking.

How can this social media guide for parents help you?

As a parent, by educating your child to understand the risks of social networking sites, you can prevent your child from becoming the victim of social media misuse.

What are the risks children may face when using social media?

  • Viewing of sexual and violent content.
  • Sharing of sexual and violent content.
  • Viewing other people’s promotion of harmful behaviour.
  • Viewing self-harm images or videos.
  • Viewing suicidal images.
  • Unintentionally involved in bullying.
  • Unintentional share of personal information

What sort of people may come to contact with children when using social networking?

  • People who love to frighten, intimidate or bully others
  • People using fake profile to lure children as their friends
  • People may blackmail or hacking

How could social networking affect children?

  • Excessive use of online activity makes them too tired to do their school homework.
  • Children’s mind gets easily upset by images or videos they have seen on social networking sites.
  • When school mates or others start to bully your child over the social networking site, they get too scared to ask for help. Social bullying affects their daily activities.
  • Children may be pressured into engaging in more dangerous or risky tasks.
  • Unintentional sharing of harmful photos or videos may affect your children’s online reputation in the future.

As a responsible parent, How can you help your child?

  • Teach them about privacy and security settings when using social media.
  • Teach them to set up privacy settings and show only approved friends can view or post messages
  • Teach them of dangers of accepting friend requests from unknown people.
  • Teach them about personal information and not share Full name, address or phone numbers.
  • Teach them how to block unwanted or harassing people from the contact list.
  • Watch out which social media apps your child use and ask them what they like about it.
  • Ask children to show how they use social media and find out what makes them so much engaging with it.
  • Make sure to turn off ” geolocation” in apps setting to prevent your child from sharing their location.
  • Tell them not to share people’s photo without their consent.
  • Encourage your child to come and talk if they feel uneasy.
  • As a parent, you may define an age limit for your child to start using social media.

Hopefully, you may have found some useful information in this Social media guide for parents post.

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