Tips to stay safe at Home when You’re older and alone?

With a rising number of older adults living alone independently, it critical to be confident they can stay safe at home. Poisonings, burns, and falls are among the most frequent accidents involving old aged people. Elderly adults who live independently might become the victims of criminals who target people that are elderly. Here is what you have to do to remain safe if you are an adult or take care of an older adult living alone.

Old man walking alone
Old Adult walking alone

Follow these tips to stay safe at home

Maintain a list of phone numbers

Write this info in large print that is that you’re able to read it if you’re in a rush or fearful. Make Sure You write numbers for:

  • Emergency Services
  • Family members
  • Relatives
  • close friends

Beware of slip, trips and falls

  • When you have trouble with balance or walking, or have accidentally fallen in the past month or year, speak with your doctor about having a particular falls risk evaluation.
  • Ask your carer if you’d benefit from a fitness program to prevent falls.
  • In case you have fallen earlier, or are fearful of falling, consider purchasing a personal safety alarm which you wear like a necklace or bracelet. You can push on a button on the personal safety alarm which can alert emergency services.
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  • Do not hurry to answer the telephone. Most of the accident happened when People were attempting to answer the phone in a hurry. Either take out a mobile or cordless phone or allow an answering machine setup.
  • When walking on vinyl flooring, wear non-metallic footwear, like lace together with rubber/non-slip bottoms or flat, thin-soled shoes which fit nicely.
  • When you have got a cane or a walker, then use it regularly rather than holding onto furniture and walls.

Safety-proof your Property to stay safe at home

  • Make sure all stairs, halls, and corridors are well lit and bright.
  • Always use railings and bannisters when moving down and up the staircase. Never put scatter rugs at the top of the base of stairs.
  • Tape all area rugs into the ground so that they don’t go when you walk.

Shield against Associated fire risks

  • When there’s a fire at your house, do not attempt to extinguish it on your own. Leave and phone emergency services. Know at least two escape route to get out of your home or your apartment.
  • If you are cooking, do not wear loose clothing or clothing with long sleeves.
  • Replace appliances which have fraying or broken electrical wires.
  • Do not place a lot of electrical strings into a single socket or extension cable
  • Never smoke in bed or make candles burning even for a limited time, in a vacant area.

Prevent bathroom dangers

  • Place plastic mats in the tub to prevent falling.
  • If you are experiencing difficulty getting in and out of your bathtub, your carer may assist you to get a distinctive bathtub chair or seat or elevated toilet seat.

Take care of your Medications

  • Keep all drugs in their original containers so that you do not mix up medications.
  • Request your pharmacist to place large-print labels in your drugs to make them simpler to see.
  • Take your drugs in a bright lighting room, which means that you can see the labels.

Stay safe at home by Protecting yourself against abuse

  • Make sure your doors and windows locked in all times.
  • In any circumstance, never let a stranger visit your house when you are alone.
  • Discuss requests made by telephone salespeople with a buddy or relative.
  • Don’t disclose your personal information, like social security number, credit card, bank info, or accounts passwords to anyone over the phone.
  • Always request written information concerning any awards, awards, or charities and also wait to react till you’ve assessed the information thoroughly.

Beware of Carbon Monoxide poisoning

Never attempt to warm your house with your cooker, oven, or barbecue. Because these will give off carbon dioxide, which is a fatal gas which you can’t see or smell.

Be careful when dealing with cleaning products

Never mix ammonia, bleach, or any other cleaning fluids whenever you are cleaning. Cleaning fluids can produce gases once blended.

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