Read this before drying your wet clothes on a radiator



Most of us love to dry our wet clothes outdoor, but unpredictable British weather makes it impossible most of the time. It is harder to rely on the weather to dry our clothes. Most importantly, winter or rainy days can make it harder to dry all of those overflowing pile of washing clothes. The most preferred method used by most of us is drying wet clothes on a radiator.

What would you do if you have a lot of clothes that needed to be dry after washing? 

Most probably Central heating Radiator comes in our mind to help in this situation. Drying wet clothes on a radiator is an easy option for drying clothes, but it can escalate more problems for us in the future.

Using our homes radiators for drying is a more natural and convenient choice for all of us.

But did you realise that cover your radiator with wet clothes can cause some problems in the long term?  

What are the problems you may face when drying wet clothes on a radiator?


Condensation is the main problem to deal with when trying to dry clothes using radiators.

Improved wall insulation and double glazing windows make the newly built modern homes better resistant to heat loss. 

But poor air ventilation can cause trapped moisturised in modern homes which can make the home environment unhealthy.

In the drying process water which evaporates from the clothes make the surrounding air in the room as moisturised air.

 When moisturised air builds up, it creates condensation. Walls and windows can affect by condensation. 

Black Mould growth

Black Mould growth is an additional problem that may occur by drying cloths using radiators.

The damp condition created by moisture in the air can also be the cause of black Mould growth in your home. 

Accumulated moist from drying cloths in the air can also create a damp condition in the home. This damp can eventually turn into the growth of mould.

Stain appear in the Wallpaper and Wallpaper start to peel may occur. Peeling problems can happen when black mould starts to spread in your wall, eventually damage your structural wall parts of your home.

Black mould can affect your health also.

Drying wet clothes on a radiator can increase Heating energy bills

Drying clothes over a radiator at homes will substantially affect the radiator’s efficiency. As the radiator blocked by wet cloths, Boilers need to work for a longer time to keep the house warm. Eventually increases your energy bills.

What are the alternative methods to dry your clothes?

If you still wanted to dry your clothes over the radiator, buy Radiator Clothes Airer from Amazon.

Another option is costly, but it is a good idea to install a heated towel rail in your shower room, you can use this to dry your clothes.

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