Safeguard your home with Yale Smart Living Home Alarm

Yale security alarm


Stay Secure and monitor your home from wherever you are with the latest Smart and Wireless home security systems.
Due to the well-advanced technology most of us enjoying fast and reliable wifi. Also, smartphone owned by almost every people in the world. It’s never been simpler to make your home safe and secure.

Many decades back, you would want to budget lots of money to make a video tracking, internet-connected, security program. Nowadays days setting up wireless and motion-detecting camera become more affordable.

Mostly appreciated 24 hours of house monitoring, with alerts delivered directly to your mobile phone from any place on earth.

There’s a massive difference between the up to date Smart wifi Camera and a CCTV camera. The great thing about the most recent smart system is you may extend the system as you desire and incorporate everything to work together with other intelligent systems. Yale Smart Living Home Alarm system allows you to create a fully controllable smart home, not merely a burglar alarm.

Yale Smart Living Home Alarm

Very easy setup alarm gives full protection for your home

Yale is interchangeable with home safety and the siren boxes that are yellowish Act as a deterrent for intruders.  Previously you would need to save a lot of money to have a Yale system professionally installed with extra monitoring cost. however, the Yale Smart Living Home Alarm system has built-in wireless and app-controlled.

It includes

1 x Yale Smart Home Alarm Hub

1 x Exterior Siren

1 x Exterior Dummy Siren

2x PIR Motion Detector

1 x PIR Image Camera

2x Door Contact

1 x Key Pad

1 x Power Switch

1 x Fixing Pack

All Batteries Included.

Yale Smart Living Home Alarm features



Control via smartphone – arm/disarm and configure your home alarm anytime, anyplace by using the Yale Home App. You can build a Yale Ecosystem to suit your home, incorporated under a single seamless by blending yale intelligent door locks, CCTV, IP cameras and home alarms

Remote viewing – the Smart Home View Alarm & control Kit includes a PIR Image Camera which captures and displays images on a smartphone.

Controller – the Smart Home Control, View & Alarm Kit contains a Power Switch which turns appliances through your smartphone.

Simple to fit – All accessories come pre-linked to the Smart Hub for rapid and effortless installation and are wireless.

Expandable – Add up to 20 accessories to tailor the system. Up to 6 out of 20 may be Smart accessories.

Part Arming feature – Set the alarm downstairs while you are sleeping upstairs.

No fee – placing you in control and alerting you directly means there are no monthly charges to pay


  • Yale Smart Living Home Alarm is a great system for the cost and easy to install
  • Good quality product and easy to set up.
  • The mobile app allows you to arms and disarms the alarm. No need for a remote key fob
  • Components feel well manufactured
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Simple installation with no wires required,
  • the good wireless range
  • Easy and inexpensive to expand after installation


  • Picture quality is not that great
  • It may take up to 2 minutes to get the pictures in the app or by email when your internet speed is low.
  • It has a narrow-angle camera
  • It takes up to a minute some times to respond instructions when your internet speed is low
  • need a strong wifi signal

Although Yale Smart Living Home Alarm has some drawbacks it is well worth for the money. If you have high-speed internet access it never let you down. I would recommend this product to safeguard your home while you are away.

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